Why Become an Agent?
The support that the staff at corporate gives is unmatched. The support is key in the success of any agent.
- Shay, Oregon

Step up.  Be an Agent-Partner.  APPLY NOW.

Are you an experienced shipping agent, freight professional or freight agent? We want to partner with you.


No smoke and mirrors. Just a partnership for mutual success. 


A few compelling reasons to move to GTO 2000:

  1. Sales support that promotes your success – we’re here for you – not the other way around
  2. Own & build equity in your own business with minimal start-up expense
  3. Higher-than-average commissions:
      • Weekly payment on invoiced loads
      • Fast direct deposits to your bank account
  4. Put our financial strength & name recognition to work for you
  5. Diligent payment to your carriers ensures they want to work with you.
  6. In-house billing & processing, with accessible files on all required paperwork for loads
  7. Free access to load boards & efficient dispatch system (1 minute to enter load & dispatch truck!)
  8. Ready access to 14,000 pre-approved carriers, which includes lane histories for over 50,000 loads moved annually 
  9. Two-hour credit pre-approval on all customers
  10. IT support - so you focus on customers instead of worrying about your computer 
  11. Plus... our unique Pledge & Promise
    We put in writing our promises to you

Come on board with GTO 2000. A partner who's behind you all the way.

Email or call Susan Collins today at 800.966.0801 ext. 2232.
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